Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Lunch Break

What ever happened to the lunch break? That elusive 60 minutes set aside midday for nourishing your body, stepping away from work and enjoying simple food? Most of my lunch breaks are in the form of business meetings, and if they aren't in a group setting then I'm scarfing leftovers in between emails from my desk. Someone could win a Tony with a play about the 21st century lunch break, because there is nothing sadder than sitting in a cubicle while eating from tupperware with plastic utensils. And in my case, utensils that have been used over and over again, only to be wiped clean by a paper towel from the ladies restroom before being shoved back into a drawer.

A lot of people use their lunch break to take care of those things that just can't be accomplished outside of normal business hours. The bank. The post office. The dentist. The cleaners, the gift shop, the salon. You get the idea. My friend Jenny can get more accomplished in between Noon and 1 p.m. than most folks do in a week. They say if you want to get something done, then ask a busy person, but I say, if you want to lose your mind and put on 10 pounds in the process, work through lunch.

Here in Mississippi, we have a short window of wonderful weather. March and April are by far our nicest months. The mosquitos are still plotting their wrath but have yet to emerge and the world is full of blooms. Today, as I sit on the deck during my LUNCH BREAK, Google tells me the temperature is 82 degrees. The meteorologist in me gauges the humidity is damn near zero. I'm honestly not sure you can get better weather than what the good Lord has provided today.

So, how do you normally spend your lunch break? At an 8-foot, round table of strangers for a conference luncheon? (Wishing someone on the opposite side would pass the rolls already!) Running stoplights so you can get to an appointment on time, only to be back at work within the hour? Scrolling your Instagram feed only to see the same images you viewed earlier in the morning?

I say let's stop the madness, friends, and take back the lunch break!

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