Tuesday, February 3, 2009

festival workshops, inspiring venues

The MAC partnered with the tourism department of the Mississippi Development Authority to host the annual Festival & Event Workshops.  We were pleased to have nearly 150 participants between the workshop's two locations: the Mississippi Crafts Center in Ridgeland and the B.B. King Museum & Delta Interpretive Center in Indianola.  

Festival Workshop at B.B. King Museum
(This space is the actual cotton gin where Riley "B.B." King once worked.)
Folks around the state are already working hard to plan festivals, and with the downward economy its harder than ever to find sponsors.  But the spirit to bring the community together and offer entertaining and memorable events for the hometown team is still in tact, and I hope everyone will get out and sponsor their local/regional festival this spring and summer.  Even if you can't give monetarily, please try to give your time or talent.  

I met some fantastic people from around the state during the workshops, but one of the folks I was most excited to run into was my dear childhood friend Jack McWilliams.  He is now the sound tech man at the B.B. King Museum, but you can also catch him playing percussion with the Delta jam band Electric Mudd

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